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    New Puppy !

    Hi everyone, after Treacle died the house was empty ..... we were sad and miserable, the search for a new dog began!

    It seemed dead simple: register on rehoming website, leave phone no etc and an instant dog would appear... Wrong. We registered with several sites, no calls or emails arrived for days. Then after what seemed an age, Yasmeena from Lee Valley Rescue rang - a 16wk old puppy from Ireland was on offer!

    He came on a home visit on the 7th March and stayed with us. Specs is a wonderful pup; he is black lab x collie x irish setter. The house is now full of chewed cardboard and newspaper and we haven't slept properly for 3 weeks due to the housetraining jobs!

    Luckily he is very bright and learning quickly. Some of you have already met him and he has loads of friends already.















    A Very sad day for us all

    Hi everyone - today Treacle our beautiful doggy died.

    Many of you knew Treacle from our Show days and will remember her sitting in the warm up arena or hovering around the burger van waiting to help you eat your food! Treacle accompanied Kaye and myself to hundreds of shows, and travelled thousands of miles with us in the horsebox.

    Here are photographs of her last year on the beach at Wells, where she loved swimming in the sea. We miss the best dog in the world terribly.















    Welcome to 2014

    To finish off a pretty awful wet winter there were a few good moments.

    Kaye competed April, our lovely event horse, in 8 British Dressage Novice Open tests winning six of them! Some with over 70% and coming 2nd and 3rd in the other two. Not bad for a little event horse.

    Becky Kenny who works for us won a Prelim with over 70%, an all time best score for her own horse Lister. Lister has proved challenging and quite difficult for Becky a lot of the time, to say the least!

    Anyway, well done Becky, let's hope there will be more high scoring winning tests this year.















    Christmas Shopping at Walk to Canter

    Tuesday 19th November 10:30am - 7:30pm

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    Sunday 27th October

    Introducing Oscar to everyone! This is the first of our Showmaker youngsters 4 yrs old out of our lovely mare TLC Brandysnap.

    Oscar was backed a few weeks ago and is now starting his training, hopefully to become a lovely dressage horse!

    He has 3 good paces showing a strong marching walk and a very large free moving trot already. These photographs were taken today when it was really windy and Oscar behaved superbly, we are very pleased with him and will keep you all up to date with his progress.

    Oscar is being produced by myself and Aaron Harding who works for us.











    Saturday 26th October

    Hannah and Vince

    A great day for Hannah Deuce and Vince, show name Skikkilds Vince! Hannah who trains with Kaye had a fantastic day at Brook Farm on Saturday starting with a convincing win in the Prelim 15 on a score of 70.45%, then after a short break took first place in Novice 39 with 67.93%!

    Well done to both. We are not sure if the Trained by De Graaff Sweatshirt helped!





    6th June

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    16th February
    College of West Anglia. Hannah riding Vince

    Hannah on her second outing of the year with her lovely but sometimes very naughty horse Vince! A good start again with Vince and Hannah showing great form winning their first test with 65%, second test 62% and 6th place. Well done.

    2nd February
    Patchetts E.C. Hannah riding Vince

    First time out this year for Hannah Deuce riding her 6yr old Danish gelding Vince by De Nero. Hannah just 19 years old has been training with Kaye for the last year on Vince her own horse, he is very talented but can be very sharp at times! A great result with a score of 68% and 4th place in the Prelim Qualifier.

    Well done Hannah.

    Claire riding Jenga

    Took Jenga down to merrist wood for the jas (jumping and style) competition run through British eventing. We did the BE100 and Novice class. Jenga was super and was 9th in the first class jumping double clear and we got 10 for style (which is out of 60) the lower the better as gets changed into penalty points like Normal BE with the style being like a dressage score. In the novice we were 6th and unfortunatly rolled a pole or would of been 3rd. We gained 7 for style. Was excellent day although very cold. Luckily we were with a friend Tamsin who had the heating on in her lovely Oakley, nothing like making full use of it I say!!! We got qualified for the final end of feb. Troublesome (April) is entered for the same thing at 90 and 100. In the next week, be nice to get both the girls qualified.

    Jenga has also been out practicing for the novice regional final which we are doing at Addington. I took her to Brook farm and tested out their lovely new olympic surface couple weeks ago we won the Novice and Elementary. And also went out couple of weeks later and practiced the novice 39 test for regionals and won again on 76%!! Also won the elementary.

    Its awsome with Kaye's help we are really getting it, very exciting. Both Girls feel well on form, Gamble is a little behind has his novice regionals at pattchets, can't wait till the event season kicks off. Debut for Jenga is Isleham and then both girls are off to lovely Oasby. Yehaaaaaa!!!